“Experience an uncommon getaway—where guests become fast friends and vacationers become locals.”

Get ready for the ultimate wine country experience. Paso Robles is a romantic destination unlike any other.

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What People Are Saying

Come experience Paso Robles for yourself.
"What a pleasant stop between Carmel and Santa Barbara! Very friendly shopkeepers and restaurant staff. Also a lovely public park, visit Paso Robles; you won't be sorry."

Frank V.
Napa, CA
"Paso Robles means birthday celebrations because I have been on road trips to the area for two of mine. I have never had a bad experience here. The locals are friendly and eager to introduce you to the area. With hundreds of wineries in the area, do your research to see which side you want to visit. The downtown area has several tasting rooms that are within walking distance."

Lori W.
Oceanside, CA
"The general vibe of the place is that the winemakers are enjoying their laid back California lifestyle, doing what they want, and they're smart people so they are their own boss, they created a work environment they like so the wine tastes good! Very enjoyable experience."

Suzy L.
San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA

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